We Belong Here, From ONA15

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As women in media, we often face unique threats to our well-being and safety, both in person and online. That’s why we’re hosting Stepping Up Safety: A Panel on Personal Security in the Field and Workplace on October 7. Leading up to the panel, we’ve asked industry professionals to share their stories, advice and personal experiences.

Last weekend I attended the Online News Association’s annual conference in L.A., where more than 2,000 journalists gathered to discuss the future of digital media.

On Friday, Sarah Jeong, contributing editor at Motherboard, moderated a panel with Soraya Chemaly, Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Amanda Hess and Laurie Penny, called “We Belong Here: Pushing Back Against Online Harassment,” focusing on the experience of women journalists.

As an executive member of Mizzou Women in Media and a female journalist in training, I was very curious about the topic and attended the panel, which I tried to live-tweet at #ONA15keynote. Listening to the panel was difficult at times, some of the stories were almost nauseating. At the same time, there was a note of hope. The panelists, and so many other journalists I saw tweeting, aren’t okay with the way things are. They want to change the treatment of women in journalism, just like we do.

After the event, Beth Cortez-Neavel, a fellow attendee, tweeted at me and told me she’d quoted me in a Storify of the panel, which she has offered to let us share here. Beth originally published the piece on her blog.

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