“Can I Say Sexism?”: Leading Women in Media on the State of Things

Photo by Beatriz Costa-Lima

Photo by Beatriz Costa-Lima

Monday was a whirlwind day at Mizzou — the Missouri Honor Medals, when the J-school recognizes people and organizations for distinguished service to journalism.

This year, we asked three of the medalists to join us for a panel about women in the media.

Led by Pulitzer Prize-winner Jacqui Banaszynski, the panel featured freelance reporter and author Barbara Ehrenreich, editor-in-chief of CNN Digital Meredith Artley and long-time New York Times copy editor Merrill Perlman.

The panel started with an invitation by Jacqui to be honest and real about the state of women in journalism.

In case you missed it, we collected some of the chewier takeaways from the panel here:

1. The business has changed and so have the challenges women face.

2. Journalism is a lifestyle career, so surround yourself with people who help you at work and home…and then pass that mentorship on.

3. Women in media are getting lost somewhere between journalism schools and newsroom management and it’s a problem.


4. Online harassment, threats and sexism are real and uniquely affect how women can do their jobs. 

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