Welcome to Our New Board!

Wow! It’s been an amazing year and we’re really not ready for it to end.leslie deep denial

But  we are also so excited to see what the future holds! We know the new executive board is going to take Mizzou WIM to new heights and do amazing things.leslie dance

So here they are, the new board for the coming year:

unnamedPresident: Justice Henderson

I’m 21 and a Texas native. I am a junior journalism major, with a emphasis in Radio-Tv. My favorites thing about WIM this year was being able to be apart of the mentor/mentee program! I am a rising senior, and will graduate in May of 2017. After graduation I hope to become an anchor/reporter at the local level and work my way up! 


Vice President: Samantha Lucas

I will be a senior in the fall. My major is Journalism and my emphasis area is Magazine. After I graduate, I plan on moving back to Chicago for a bit, and hopefully New York after that. My dream job is to eventually work for a magazine publication that focuses on entertainment and culture, particularly Rolling Stone or The New Yorker. My favorite Mizzou Women in Media program is the Mentor Program. I think it’s really important for women to work together and empower each other, and I know firsthand how beneficial it is to have someone to go to within the industry and even the Journalism school. 

unnamed-4Secretary: Christy Prust

Christy Prust is currently a sophomore from Minnesota, starting an emphasis in Strategic Communications – Art Direction in Fall 2016. After graduation, I hope to continue on to get a Masters degree in Journalism from Mizzou and start a career soon after that. My favor WIM program is definitely the mentorship program. I have seen first hand what a difference it can make to have an upperclassmen, alumni or an adult as a mentor. It is great that Women In Media at Mizzou is committed to breaking the mold for women like me, and dedicated to helping other young women be successful and confident. 

Treasurer: Tessa Weinbergunnamed-5

Hi there! My name is Tessa Weinberg and I am thrilled to be serving as Mizzou Women In Media’s treasurer for the upcoming year. I’m a freshman majoring in convergence journalism with an emphasis in investigative reporting, in addition to a film studies minor. My favorite WIM program is the mentorship program that pairs students with mentors who are their peers and professionals in the field, and you should all sign up if you haven’t already! I have a passion for multimedia which I I currently explore as Projects Editor at The Maneater and secretary of ONA Mizzou. After graduation I hope to pursue a career as an investigative journalist. When not reading long reads, I’m often watching docuseries or eating avocados.

unnamed-3Outreach Chair: Lexi Larson

Lexi Larson is a sophomore Radio-TV Journalism student with an emphasis in reporting and anchoring and a minor in political science. She volunteers at KOMU-TV as a production assistant and cut-ins anchor, and hopes to be a news anchor or producer after graduation. Her favorite Women in Media program is the mentorship program, because it helped her to get advice from an older student and to become more confident in herself and her abilities as a journalist. Also, she loves cats. 

Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you do!

leslie salute

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