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Meet Mizzou Women in Media

9/12 6 p.m. Gannett 278


Introductions from our Exec board:

President: Justice Henderson, Broadcast, Senior

Email: jbhxwb@mail.missouri.edu | Twitter: @journalingwithj

Vice President: Samantha Lucas, Magazine Writing, Senior

Email:  salt27@mail.missouri.edu | Twitter: @samanthaalucas

Secretary: Christy Prust, Strat Comm – Art Direction, Junior

Email: crpmvd@mail.missouri.edu | Twitter: @NewsPrust

Treasurer: Tessa Weinberg, Print/Digital Investigative, Sophomore

Email: tbw26b@mail.missouri.edu | Twitter: @Tessa_Weinberg

Outreach Chair: Lexi Larson, Broadcast, Junior

Email: aslt37@mail.missouri.edu | Twitter: @lexilarson96

Faculty Advisor: Amy Simons, Associate Professor

Email: simonsa@missouri.edu | Twitter: @amysimons

If you ever have any questions about any of our interest areas, classes, jobs or just want to chat, feel free to email any of us!


Who are we?

We are Mizzou Women in Media. We were named best new org on campus. Our goal is to bring together women in the media industry for a better understanding of issues that impact us. We hope to start a conversation aimed at educating you on current topics and issues facing professionals in the industry.



We will have one membership meeting a month, and one big event open to the public each month. We are working on more collaboration meetings with other journalism organization here on campus.



By becoming a member of Women in Media we hope to start a conversation aimed at educating you on current topics and issues facing professionals in the industry. We hope to be a resource during your college career and support our members through our mentorship program and monthly meetings and events.

Being a member means that you are actively recruiting new members alongside of us, educating other women on the issues and challenges that we face in this industry, coming to our member meetings and monthly events and continually advocating for women in media.


Possible Workshops:

  • Learn to negotiate your salary in the workplace
  • Learn about reporting abroad and how to stay safe while doing so
  • Book club: Read a book over winter break and coming together to discuss if after winter break
  • Self defense class: Get together with MUPD, learn how to defend yourself and stay safe

Honor Medalists Event:

“Medalists are selected by the faculty of the School on the basis of lifetime or superior achievement, for distinguished service performed in such lines of journalistic endeavor as shall be selected each year for consideration.

The annual awards shall not be restricted necessarily to any particular forms of journalistic service, nor will there be, necessarily, any designated number voted annually by the School. The award, or Medal of Honor, in each instance shall consist of a bronze medal, uniform in size, of appropriate design, and suitably inscribed with the recipient’s name. Awards shall be made only to those persons who, upon invitation, are present in person to receive them, or in the case of newspapers, periodicals, radio and television stations or other organizational entities, when such are represented in person by an official representative.” – journalism.missouri.edu

EVENT: 10am on October 18th

Mizzou Women in Media is sponsoring an event to have 4 of the Honor Medalists on a panel to talk about their careers in the media industry and the obstacles they have had to overcome being a women in this job field.

Honor Medalists:

Janice Min (President of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group)

Eliza Licht (Point of View)

Connie Frazier (Mosaic Center, AAF)

Carrie Budoff Brown (Politico)


Mentorship Program:

The goal is simple: we want to build a support system that empowers women in the field. With a mentoring program, we can generate new ideas, provide guidance and talk about everything that impacts women in media. When MU students enter the workforce, we want them to know that even though their newsroom or office may only have a handful of women, they are not alone.

The mentor program has multiple tiers. For upper-level mentoring, junior, senior and graduate students will be paired with an industry professional. We hope industry professionals can provide guidance to students entering the workforce and all the trials and tribulations that come with that.

For lower-level mentoring, freshman and sophomore students will be paired with junior and senior students. The idea is for upperclassmen to be positive and encouraging role models for underclassmen as they navigate choosing an emphasis area and the first grueling J-school assignments.


Other things to talk about:

What is a member?

A member is basically someone who shows up to our events, is engaged in the topics we are talking about and actively recruiting new members.

How do you sign up for the mentorship program?

If you go on our website under the “Mentor Program” tab you can look at the different options of involvement in the program and fill out an application.

Sign up for the email list

We send out weekly emails (usually on Monday’s) about events, updates and other things you can get involved with on campus that raise up women. To sign up, go on our website www.mizzouwim.com and under the “Get Involved” tab, and fill out the form!

Ideas from new members:

Emma Watson runs a virtual book club where women from around the country read the same book and she starts a conversation online about the messages of the book!


Meeting adjourned 6:40 p.m.

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