Kansas City Media Tour Recap

Group photo at KSHB on Friday, April 7, during our first media tour.

Group photo at KSHB on Friday, April 7, during our first media tour.

Last Friday, April 7, Mizzou WIM drove to Kansas City to visit three media outlets and speak with the women who run them. We visited the ad agency VML, the public television station KCPT and the NBC-affiliate television station 41 Action News KSHB-TV. It was our first time ever hosting a media tour, and we couldn’t give a bigger thank you to the industry professionals who took the time to give us tours and answer our questions. Check out our live-tweets for a recap of the day and keep reading to here what some of our members thought:


“I thought it was a great opportunity to meet with women working in roles relevant to our own career goals. I enjoyed hearing the similarities and differences in their struggles and advice for success.” -Melanie Katz

“I really enjoyed seeing women take control of their careers and knowing that although it can be a hard role, they pull it off extremely well. I liked learning about the different branches of journalism and getting to know what makes each one special.” -Emily Powers

“Going on the media tour was an amazing experience because we got to see talented women (most of which were Mizzou grads) excelling in their fields. It was amazing to receive such great advice from them about dealing with gender inequality in the workplace and their field of journalism in general.” -Sabrina Brons

“The media tour was a great experience because as an undeclared journalism major, I was able to step into different workplaces and get a deeper insight into the environment. It helped me figure out what kind of vibe I want in a workplace. It also gave me an insight into different roles in each fields which helped me narrow down my choices.” -Ariana Vega

“The media tour was a great way to get a look into working media organizations and to receive advice for our future careers. It was also incredibly beneficial to gain insight from female industry professionals on current issues that we may encounter in the workplace.” -Mackenzie Wallace


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