Meet the 2017-2018 Executive Board


We’re so excited to announce our new executive board! While it’s bittersweet to say goodbye, we can’t wait to see what this group of women accomplish. Thank you to everyone who ran and everyone who voted. We can’t wait for next year!

Welcome to our new executive board:


18275073_10208854994990737_3729786123264609543_nPresident – Christy Prust

Christy Prust is a senior from Minnesota, studying Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Art Direction. This year she will be a teaching assistant on the Columbia Missourian design desk. After graduation in May 2018, she hopes to continue her education through portfolio art school or a Master’s degree program.

This will be her second year on the Mizzou Women in Media executive board. Through this organization she has gotten the opportunity to serve as an upperclassmen mentor and hopes to continue to grow WIM’s mentorship program this year.

Email: crpmvd@mail.missouri.edu
Twitter: @NewsPrust



Vice President – Tessa Weinberg

Tessa is a junior majoring in print and digital journalism with an emphasis in investigative reporting, in addition to a film studies minor. This past semester she reported on state government for The Missourian and this summer she’ll be a reporting intern at the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky. In the fall, she’ll be working as an editorial assistant at Investigative Reporters and Editors. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career as an investigative journalist.

Her favorite Mizzou WIM program is the mentorship program that helps build connections between students and industry professionals. Tessa has been involved with Mizzou WIM since her freshman year, and it is an organization where she feels supported and can work to support other women in journalism. When not reading long reads, you can often find Tessa watching docuseries or eating avocados.

Email: tbweinberg@mail.missouri.edu
Twitter: @Tessa_Weinberg

Secretary – Makayla Looney

Makayla Looney is a junior from Kansas City majoring in Radio-TV Journalism with an emphasis in sports journalism. After graduating in 2019, she hopes to work as a sports analyst/reporter for ESPN or Sports Center. Her goal is to live in New York City and be the Oprah Winfrey of sports and help break the barrier of women in the sports reporting field, especially women of color.

She has a huge passion for uplifting women’s confidence and helping them achieve great success. Her favorite event in Mizzou WIM is “Journalism Needs My Voice Because…” (#MyVoiceBC) because she feels that gives women a chance to explain why they love what they do and own how powerful their voice is. On a side note, you can catch Makayla jamming out to any Drake song or watching The Fast and The Furious Series and eating Chick-fil-A.

Email: mclfm5@mail.missouri.edu
Twitter: @MakaylaLooney


Treasurer – Christiane-Tresor18358595_1529557843735314_194455922790169385_o Crawford

Christiane-Tresor Crawford is a sophomore from New Orleans, Louisiana who double majors in Journalism, with an emphasis in Radio-Television Reporting and Anchoring, and Political Science. In the future, she plans to attend law school and move to Washington, D.C. where she will begin her career as a White House correspondent, or as a reporter for CNN.

Her favorite Mizzou Women In Media program is the Media Tour because it was a chance to hear the experiences of professional women in the field. Growing up with brothers, she is a strong believer in girls doing any and everything that boys do and having the confidence to do it. In her free time, you will find her watching Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder or devouring candy.

Email: cmczv8@mail.missouri.edu
Twitter: @chrissytresxr


18301766_1530351040344120_5858858542609487497_nPR/Social Media – Melanie Katz

Melanie Katz is a junior from Kansas City majoring in journalism with an emphasis in strategic communication and a minor in sociology. In the future, Melanie hopes to move to New York to work as an account planner for an advertising agency. This year will be her second year on the WIM executive board. Her favorite WIM program this year was the Media Tour in Kanas City. This year Melanie is looking forward to WIM’s new series events and the St. Louis Media Tour . When she’s not roaming the J-School, you can find her cozied up watching a documentary or eating platefuls of chicken pad thai.

Email: mck6w3@mail.missouri.edu
Twitter: @theKATZmeeow

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