GUEST POST: Staying Safe While Reporting Abroad

Tina Susman

Tina Susman

As women in media, we often face unique threats to our well-being and safety, both in person and online. That’s why we’re hosting Stepping Up Safety: A Panel on Personal Security in the Field and Workplace on October 7. Leading up to the panel, we’ve asked industry professionals to share their stories, advice and personal experiences.

Tina Susman is a national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, based in New York. She started at the Times as its Baghdad bureau chief in January 2007 and remained there until mid-2009.

Before joining the Times, Susman held positions overseas with the Associated Press and Newsday. She’s also worked in London, South Africa, Pakistan, Haiti, West Africa and Asia. In 1994, Susman was kidnapped and held captive for three weeks while on assignment in Somalia. She shared her experiences and advice for reporting in conflict zones abroad.

GUEST BLOG: Six #WCW-worthy writers for your semester reading list

IMG_4546By Delia Cai

Delia Cai is a business fellow at Atlantic Media. She graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism in
May 2015 and has been pining for Shakespeare’s Pizza ever since. To get in touch, send tweets and quality Ariana Grande think pieces to @delia_cai.

While the dust settles from Syllabus Week, I’ve put together a Women in Media reading list of some of my favorite feminist women journalists and writers (I promise there won’t be a pop quiz). And because I know the semester will only get busier, I’ve highlighted short and longer forms of each writer’s work to work around crazy new schedules. So may your fall semester be full, your classes insightful, and your readings just a little more egalitarian.