GUEST BLOG: Mizzou Alumnae share their favorite things about being a woman in media

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By Micheala Sosby

Micheala Sosby is a junior studying convergence journalism at Mizzou. She is an Audience Engagement Specialist at MizzouRec and recently got a new writing gig at Levo League. Micheala loves caffeine, S’mores PopTarts, Lake Michigan and all things Amy Poehler. 

Being a woman in the media industry comes with a unique set of challenges, whether we like it or not (we don’t always).

How to get involved, and STAY involved in college

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Of course we go to college to learn. Most of us know, or we soon discover, that the bar is set much higher for our academic work in college than it was in high school. We spend a lot more time studying and doing homework in college than we were used to, and a lot more is expected of us now that we’re full-blown adults.

On top of that, we’re supposed to simultaneously prepare ourselves for the real world in just four (very) short years. How are we supposed to prepare ourselves for the future while we’re doing all this other stuff? The answer is to get involved! In the three years I now have under my belt at Mizzou, I quickly learned the best way to prepare for the real world is to get involved in whatever programs or activities I can get my hands on.

Whether it’s Greek life, student government, Freshman Interest Groups or residence halls, these are just some of the many organizations Mizzou has for students. But with over 700 different organizations on campus, how do you know which ones are right for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself.