Welcome to Our New Board!

Wow! It’s been an amazing year and we’re really not ready for it to end.leslie deep denial

But  we are also so excited to see what the future holds! We know the new executive board is going to take Mizzou WIM to new heights and do amazing things.leslie dance

So here they are, the new board for the coming year:

unnamedPresident: Justice Henderson

I’m 21 and a Texas native. I am a junior journalism major, with a emphasis in Radio-Tv. My favorites thing about WIM this year was being able to be apart of the mentor/mentee program! I am a rising senior, and will graduate in May of 2017. After graduation I hope to become an anchor/reporter at the local level and work my way up! 


Vice President: Samantha Lucas

I will be a senior in the fall. My major is Journalism and my emphasis area is Magazine. After I graduate, I plan on moving back to Chicago for a bit, and hopefully New York after that. My dream job is to eventually work for a magazine publication that focuses on entertainment and culture, particularly Rolling Stone or The New Yorker. My favorite Mizzou Women in Media program is the Mentor Program. I think it’s really important for women to work together and empower each other, and I know firsthand how beneficial it is to have someone to go to within the industry and even the Journalism school. 

unnamed-4Secretary: Christy Prust

Christy Prust is currently a sophomore from Minnesota, starting an emphasis in Strategic Communications – Art Direction in Fall 2016. After graduation, I hope to continue on to get a Masters degree in Journalism from Mizzou and start a career soon after that. My favor WIM program is definitely the mentorship program. I have seen first hand what a difference it can make to have an upperclassmen, alumni or an adult as a mentor. It is great that Women In Media at Mizzou is committed to breaking the mold for women like me, and dedicated to helping other young women be successful and confident. 

Treasurer: Tessa Weinbergunnamed-5

Hi there! My name is Tessa Weinberg and I am thrilled to be serving as Mizzou Women In Media’s treasurer for the upcoming year. I’m a freshman majoring in convergence journalism with an emphasis in investigative reporting, in addition to a film studies minor. My favorite WIM program is the mentorship program that pairs students with mentors who are their peers and professionals in the field, and you should all sign up if you haven’t already! I have a passion for multimedia which I I currently explore as Projects Editor at The Maneater and secretary of ONA Mizzou. After graduation I hope to pursue a career as an investigative journalist. When not reading long reads, I’m often watching docuseries or eating avocados.

unnamed-3Outreach Chair: Lexi Larson

Lexi Larson is a sophomore Radio-TV Journalism student with an emphasis in reporting and anchoring and a minor in political science. She volunteers at KOMU-TV as a production assistant and cut-ins anchor, and hopes to be a news anchor or producer after graduation. Her favorite Women in Media program is the mentorship program, because it helped her to get advice from an older student and to become more confident in herself and her abilities as a journalist. Also, she loves cats. 

Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you do!

leslie salute

It’s Time to Vote! And We Want You

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***The links have been updated.

We’re sad to say we’ve come to the end of our first year, but it’s time for our current executive board to step down and be replaced by some wonderful new women! Some of our candidates are running for multiple offices; you can vote for those women for more than one position, if you like. The actual voting will take place on OrgSync, to ensure that everyone voting is a Mizzou student.

We’ve included their answers to the question “Why do you want to be on the Mizzou WIM executive board?” Please take the time to read their answers before you click on the link at the bottom to vote.

Our Candidates:

Justice Henderson:
Journalism- Broadcast
Running for: President, Vice President
I love the mission behind Women in Media. I believe that all women should be empowered by others, especially in a field where women are often times overlooked. Every woman should have a platform where they feel encouraged and uplifted by their peers that have the same goals and mindsets. I want to be a Mizzou WIM executive member because I love everything that this organization stands for and I would love to be a part of its continued growth. Even though the organization is still new, it has already made great strides and as a rising senior, I would love to come together with other women on this executive board for another great year of Women In Media.

Micheala Sosby:
Senior Convergence Journalism – Emerging Media
Running for: Vice President, Outreach
Mizzou WIM feels kind of like a big team and all the events I participated in this year left me feeling so proud and excited to be a woman in this industry. As an executive member I could support women not only at this university, but also women who are already working professionals. This is a great opportunity to work toward building a more tight-knit community for women in media, and I would love to have more responsibility within this organization. I think I could also to a lot to help with our website and our social media.

Lexi Larson:
Sophomore, Radio-TV Journalism
Running for: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Outreach
As a woman pursuing a career in media, I believe it is my obligation to help better the media landscape for women. Ever since I decided to pursue a career in media, I have been unsatisfied by the way females are represented. According to Women’s Media Center, on Sunday TV talk shows, women made up only 14 percent of those interviewed and 29 percent of roundtable guests. As troublesome as these numbers are, they inspire me to make change in my industry. I believe an executive position with Mizzou Women in Media would provide me with the tools and the opportunities to help inspire change – to educate, inform and unite women toward a deeper, more equitable voice in our world.

Brooke DuLany:
Freshman, Journalism/Magazine
Running for: Vice President, Secretary, Outreach
I’m trying to be more involved in campus activities. My major is Journalism with a Minor in Women’s and Gender studies and this club seems right up my alley, as far as coinciding with things I care about.

Megan McBride:
Sophmore – Photo Journalism
Running for: Secretary, Outreach
There are may barriers placed before us in this world. In my opinion, joining together is the most effective way to surpass them. When I first heard about Women in Media, I thought it was a brilliant way to unite the female community within the Journalism school and beyond. I am collaboratively driven and my communication skills will be a strong asset to the organization.

Christy Prust:
Sophomore and Strategic Communication (starting Fall 2016)
Running for: Secretary, Outreach
I am really excited to be a part of a newer organization that helps to empower female journalists. I think that my organization and social skills would qualify me for this position as well as my love and drive for journalism. Media is constantly innovating and I want to innovate along with it and show other college professionals what it takes to be a competitive journalist. I think it is important to get involved in college and I want to encourage young freshmen to be a part of an organization that can help them to make connections with older journalists before they get into the journalism school. I would also like to further my skills in public relations, media, social media and organization which I think these positions would assist me with those goals.

Lydia Birt:
Sophomore and Journalism/News Editing
Running for: Secretary, Treasurer, Outreach
I strive to advocate for all underrepresented communities, including but not limited to women in the working world. I am a woman in media, and I am grateful for organizations that bring similar-minded women together with a common goal to break social stigmas. As someone who desires change, I realize the personal responsibility that has to be assumed by individual women in media. Having a leadership role in this organization would offer me opportunities to be a part of the solution.

Catelyne Snitker:
Sophomore/Strategic Communication
Running for: Secretary, Outreach
I want to contribute to the great start this organization already created to ensure that it sticks around for years to come. I’m also looking to get more involved with the journalism school and make strong connections with the talented and innovative women around me and in the field.

Natalia Alamdari:
Print and Digital – News Reporting
Running for: Secretary, Outreach
I think Mizzou WIM is an important organization that can really help bring women together, whether they’re here at Mizzou or already graduated and working. Navigating the work force is tough, and everyone should have a person they can go to for help, whether the question is “What do I do about sexism in the office?” or “What the heck is business casual??” Not everyone has a person like that, and I want to be a part of WIM’s role in helping those connections.

Ruth Serven:
Junior, Print and Digital Investigative
Running for: Secretary
I’d love to join forces with strong, active women in journalism and help encourage and connect other women in journalism and allies. I didn’t know much about feminism or have many strong female role models when I began college, and I wish I’d been connected with this type of club earlier. I also have experience as a club secretary that I think can benefit Mizzou WIM as you expand.

Tessa Weinberg:
Running for: Treasurer
I’m interested in being a Mizzou WIM executive member to help actively promote women in media and women on campus. Mizzou WIM was an outlet where I was able to find caring mentors who could answer the, at times, difficult questions that come with being an aspiring female journalist. I would like to help amplify the reach of the current foundation that the inaugural executive board has established by making Mizzou WIM a resource for all women in media.

Alyssa Henzler:
Freshman, Strategic Communications: Public Relations and Political Science
Running for: Outreach
As a prospective executive member, I want to help expand this organization and reach out to members of the Mizzou community that don’t know about WIM.

Katie Laughlin:
Freshman/ Strategic Communications: Media Planning
Running for: Outreach
Your life is full of firsts. Your first day of high school, your first date, or your first time driving a car. Firsts can be nerve racking, especially when you’re not prepared and going in alone. College, as I have come to find out my freshman year, is full of new experiences. Having had support systems such as Mizzou Women in Media has helped me conquer my firsts and get the most out of my college career thus far. I would like to be an executive member for Mizzou WIM because I want to give back. I have gained so much from this organization and I want to make sure other women on our campus get to benefit from the support system that is Mizzou Women in Media. Women have the chance, now more than ever, to make great strides in the media industry. It is my dream to give women the tools to go and push more boundaries in our field.

Samantha Lucas:
Junior, Journalism – Magazine
Running for: President, Vice President, Secretary, Outreach
I want to be an executive member of Mizzou WIM because it’s not only something that affects me directly (and will continue to affect me in the future), but also because it’s something that is very close to my heart. Two of my greatest passions in life are journalism and feminism, so Mizzou WIM is truly the organization for me. I want to help spread the word about gender disparity in the media and I want to use my excellent communicative abilities to do this. Not only do I want to help my peers when it comes to issues with being a female in the media industry, but I know that this organization will be one that I can benefit from greatly in the long run, making myself a better person and better candidate for a job in the media when I graduate. From there, I can become a positive influence for those who follow after me and do my part in making a change in the roles that women play in the media.

President Poll: https://orgsync.com/120118/polls/44254
Vice President Poll: https://orgsync.com/120118/polls/44255
Secretary Poll: https://orgsync.com/120118/polls/44256
Treasurer Poll: https://orgsync.com/120118/polls/44258
Outreach Poll: https://orgsync.com/120118/polls/44259

Moving past “I’m Terrible”

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Last night I listened to Jessica Abel’s talk, hosted by ONA Mizzou, about storytelling and the creative process.

First of all, let me say that she was fabulous. Her talk was interesting, funny and honest about the people she’s met and worked with, and more generally about the creative process. Towards the beginning of her talk, she explained the process of learning how to plot out the stories she wrote.

She talked about how challenging it was, and is, to create things, how every time she tries to work out what she’s doing, she goes through roughly the same emotional stages (which were by codified by Kazu Kibuishi).

Abel talked about that fourth step for quite a while. She called it the I’m terrible step, where you start to question your skills, your smarts, whether you have any idea what you’re doing. Her description of it resonated with me.

It’s not just imposter syndrome.

It’s imposter syndrome on steroids. 

Our Voices Matter

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ED4E734C-D8CE-4774-BC54-817FCB89FBFCWhen it comes to journalism and media, we’re often taught that our thoughts and opinions aren’t as significant. We’re here to tell other people’s stories. Following that logic, it shouldn’t really matter who tells these stories, right?

Not really.

The people telling stories have an inescapable effect on how those stories are told. In February of 2013, only 19 percent of sources quoted in newspaper articles were women.

That’s not very surprising when you look at who’s working in newsrooms. We as people tend to seek out people we identify with to talk to. In 2013, only 37.2 percent of journalists were women. And only four of eight top online news outlets had women in major editing roles.

Those numbers are changing, but not fast enough. If we want to see more diversity in our news stories, we need to see more diversity in our newsrooms. Every new voice in a newsroom or media position is unique and brings important insight to the stories they create.

Mizzou Women in Media wants to celebrate those individual voices and acknowledge how important they are. That’s why we’ve started the My Voice campaign. We’ll be posting content that looks at how every voice can contribute to better journalism.

We invite you to join us. Tweet, Instagram and post at #MyVoiceBC and tell us why your voice matters. We start today.

If you want to make your own of our sign, you can download our template here.