GUEST BLOG: Mizzou Alumnae share their favorite things about being a woman in media

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By Micheala Sosby

Micheala Sosby is a junior studying convergence journalism at Mizzou. She is an Audience Engagement Specialist at MizzouRec and recently got a new writing gig at Levo League. Micheala loves caffeine, S’mores PopTarts, Lake Michigan and all things Amy Poehler. 

Being a woman in the media industry comes with a unique set of challenges, whether we like it or not (we don’t always).

Q&A: Stalking and Moving On

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As women in media, we often face unique threats to our well-being and safety, both in person and online. That’s why we’re hosting Stepping Up Safety: A Panel on Personal Security in the Field and Workplace on October 7. Leading up to the panel, we’ve asked industry professionals to share their stories, advice and personal experiences.260

Lola Alapo works in public relations for a university in the South. Before transitioning to PR, she worked for a newspaper as an education reporter, where she was stalked, harassed and threatened by one of the subjects she covered. She shared her story and the lessons she learned with us.

Q&A: Fangirl, A Gaming Magazine for Women

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Caitlyn Gallip, Allison Lewis, Sean Morrison and Mollie Barnes. Credit: Fangirl

Caitlyn Gallip, Allison Lewis, Sean Morrison and Mollie Barnes. Credit: Fangirl

What began as a professional project for the MU graduate program is now an up-and-coming magazine. Fangirl, which focuses on representing the large female gaming audience, was started by Sean Morrison, Mollie Barnes, Caitlyn Gallip and Allison Lewis.

The group noticed the harassment women gamers faced and the lack of voices to talk about gaming in terms of social issues, like gender equality. Sean and Mollie shared the reasons they created the magazine and what plans they have for it in the future.