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Mizzou Women in Media has officially launched the mentor program. The goal is simple: we want to build a support system that empowers women in the field. With a mentoring program, we can generate new ideas, provide guidance, and talk about everything that impacts women in media. When MU students enter the workforce, we want them to know that even though their newsroom or office may only have a handful of women, they are not alone.

The mentor program has multiple tiers. For upper-level mentoring, junior, senior and graduate students will be paired with an industry professional. We hope industry professionals can provide guidance to students just about to enter the workforce and all the trials and tribulations that come with that.

For lower-level mentoring, freshman and sophomore students will be paired with junior and senior students. The idea is for upperclassmen to be positive and encouraging role models for underclassmen as they navigate choosing an emphasis area and the first grueling J-school assignments.

Here are the forms you can use to sign up:

Mentee: Underclassmen Form (if you’re freshman/sophomore student and would like an upperclassmen mentor)

Mentee: Upperclassmen/Graduate Students Form (if you’re an upperclassmen/graduate student and want an industry professional mentor)


Mentor: Upperclassmen Form (if you’re an upperclassman student and want to mentor an underclassman student)

Mentor: Industry Professionals Form (if you’re an industry professional and you want to mentor an upperclassman/graduate student)


For students…

I’m a senior. Can I have a mentee and a mentor?
Definitely, but you’re not required to do both. We’d love to have women take on mentorship both directions, but you can choose to only mentor an underclassmen or only have a professional mentor.

Is this just for journalists?
No! If you’re studying PR, advertising or another form of communication, we’ll be sure to match you with a professional in your field.

My schedule is packed. What’s the time commitment?
All we ask is that you communicate at least once a month to ask questions, get to know each other, etc. If a pair wants to communicate more regularly, that’s totally great too! Mizzou WIM will also occasionally check-in to see that everything is going well and provide any guidance in the mentorship experience.

For professionals…

I didn’t go to Mizzou. Can I still mentor a student?
Yes! We’d love all women working in media to be mentors.

I’m a man. Can I mentor a student?
Our goal is to connect students with professional women. If you’re a man, this isn’t the mentoring program for you.

Is this just for journalists?
No! In fact, we’d love women working in public relations, advertising and other communication fields to sign up.

Do I have to have previous mentoring experience?

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